This segment originally aired 02-19-10

A new episode of the local music scene program In Tune debuts this weekend on PBS-HD Channel 6. Hear a profile of Tucson musical legends Calexico, including some of the band's new music.

The inspirations and unique stories of three Tucson musicians are in the newest episode of In Tune, the music journal from Arizona Public Media that gives viewers a backstage pass to the local urban music scene.

The second episode of In Tune premieres Saturday, February 20 at 10:30 p.m. on PBS-HD Channel 6. Segments of the upcoming episode of In Tune include the energy of the band Calexico, in "A convergence of musical expressions," singer Leila Lopez giving her inspirations for her "folk fusion with a distinctive voice," and artist Namoli Brennet being true to her music by "transcending musical boundaries."

In Tune features the musicians, stories and emotions that motivate, inspire and evolve live music in Tucson and Southern Arizona. The program is hosted by jazz vocalist Katherine Byrnes and produced by Luis Carrión and Arizona Public Media. More information about In Tune is found on the Arizona Public Media website.

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