PHOTO: Robert Jaime

In cooperation with Tucson Values Teachers, Arizona Spotlight presents a special series called Teachers' Voices. These conversations between educators, administrators, and students gives them a chance to share personal stories about the struggles and triumphs of their daily school experience.

Should a teacher's own learning process ever come to a stop?

The best teachers would say no, that an educator's devotion to learning should continue throughout their career. But with so many daily demands on a teacher's time - both in and out of the classroom - how can they possibly stay current with subjects that are always in flux, like technology and science?

That's where a revolutionary project that's headquartered inside Biosphere 2 comes into play. The Arizona Center for STEM Teachers helps science, technology, engineering and mathematics teachers to not only learn what's new, but also how to teach it in their classrooms.

Next, meet two of the lead teachers for the Arizona Center for STEM Teachers: Briana Gryzynger, who also teaches 1st grade in the Tucson Unified School District, and Greg Stafford, who also teaches physics for Gilbert Public Schools.


Teachers' Voices segments are produced by Mark McLemore and will air bi-weekly throughout 2012 on Arizona Spotlight, funded in part by University of Arizona College of Education and Cox Communications.