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"Love by Drowning" is a psychological thriller written by C.E. Poverman.

C.E. Poverman's latest book is Love by Drowning. Told from multiple viewpoints, it explores the psyches of two adult brothers - Val and Davis - as each copes with the lasting impact of paternal pressure.

“I would say that both the brothers struggle with the father’s sense of expectation each in his own way,” Poverman said.

The story begins with the brothers going on a chartered fishing trip. Val, our narrator, tries to reconcile the mixed emotions that arise whenever Davis is around, while also trying to forget what happened the night before...

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In both of his short stories and full-length novels, author C.E. Poverman's writing explores the complexities of the human psyche.

Poverman's first book of stories, The Black Velvet Girl, earned the Iowa School of Letters award for short fiction. His second collection, Skin, was nominated for the Los Angeles Times book prize.

Poverman's stories have also appeared in many anthologies, including O'Henry and Pushcart.