Published by Akashic Books
Author Lydia Millet

This is Sound Fiction, a chance to enter the world of a short story or novel as read by the author.

Lydia Millet writes some books aimed at adults, and others for teens. Her characters are often smart but world-weary, their enthusiasm for life sliced thin by disappointment and tempered with dry humor.

In the young adult novel Pills & Starships Millet imagines a future world devastated by environmental disaster and pharmaceutical addiction.

The narrator, a teenager named Nat, has to endure a vacation retreat with her family that will culminate in her parents' own carefully planned, state-approved suicides.

To escape, Nat writes a journal, telling an imaginary future reader how it is that human beings came to have planned obsolescence, much like machines...


Sound design by Mitchell Riley

The striking cover image for "Pills and Starships", a young adult novel by Lydia Millet