LC: The Muslim community in Tucson marked an important holiday today, and they say they hope to overcome the contentious debates that dominate the media. The Tucson Convention center was the place where Tucson Muslims gathered this morning for a mass community prayer.

MA: Today marks the end of Ramada, and I believe we had about 2500 to 3000 people. It’s an amazing sight because it’s a mixture of all nationalities and backgrounds.

LC: Maqsood Ahmad is with the Tucson Islamic Center, and he says that the Tucson Muslim Community is a particularly diverse congregation. He points out that the antagonistic tone of the rhetoric surrounding the Mosque in Manhattan, and the Qur'an burnings are far removed from what it means to be a Muslim in this country.

MA: We are US citizens and stake-holders in this country... Our commitment and loyalty to this country is very, very strong.

LC: Maqsood says that Tucson has a reputation as a welcoming community for Muslims and refugees. You can find a link to a video about the Tucson Muslim Community on our website, I’m Luis Carrión, Arizona Public Media.

You can watch a video about Ramadan and the Islamic Center of Tucson here: VIDEO

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