PHOTO: Tom Casey
Spanish-born singer/songwriter Jairo Zavala, aka DePedro, blends a world of musical influences.

It takes only a brief listen to Jairo Zavala's music to detect a world of musical influences, all focused by his own poetic gift. After a chance meeting got the young guitarist playing onstage with Calexico during a concert in his hometown of Madrid, Spain, Jairo - already a veteran of the Sanish rock and blues scene- found his world music career flourishing. He is now signed to National Geographic's own record label, where he records under the name DePedro. News of DePedro's upcoming tour dates can be found here.

Here is a bio from Jairo's label, the Nat Geo website:

"DePedro - a name chosen because it sounded "kind of Mediterranean, kind of Spanish" - is the musical project of singer and guitarist Jairo Zavala. His first solo project, DePedro is the culmination of years of writing and playing songs for others, including Spanish star Amparanoia, Spanish instrumental surf phenoms Los Coronas and as the touring guitarist for Calexico, not to mention as frontman and founder of Vacazul and 3000 Hombres, both renowned bands in the respective Spanish rock and blues scenes. As DePedro, he has also appeared at SXSW, the WOMAD festival, at the nationally-broadcast Spanish Music Awards, and at various other festivals across the country."

Here is a complete song from the session, Jairo's composition "Two Hearts in One":

And, here is some exclusive video of Jairo Zavala and Joey Burns playing & singing together on the song "Empty Fields":