A new exhibit at the Tucson Museum of Art, Elements in Western Art: Water, Fire, Air, and Earth, explores the role that nature plays in American Western Art.

Christine Brindza, curator of art of the American West at the museum, says the work on display is diverse and illustrates just how pervasive natural themes have been in shaping art across many cultures.

“The goal of the exhibition is to link the real and the physical worlds with the envisioned and spiritual worlds through art forms,” she says.

The exhibit shows how the elements are inextricably tied to the human experience of the West, and Brindza says nature has also shaped the artistic expression across many cultures.

“I hope when (the public) comes in to see this exhibition they will make connections to the elements through all these different art forms, and see how different cultures look at them and interpret them in different ways,” says Brindza.