Marian Binder, University of Arizona Director of Campus Counseling, discusses the mental health needs of the community following Saturday's shooting.

There are almost as many possible reactions to a tragedy like the Tucson shootings as there are people in our city. Examining one's own feelings following such an event often leaves a person wondering whether their emotions are normal, or healthy. Dr. Marian Binder, director of Counseling & Psychiatric Services at the University of Arizona, talks with Arizona Spotlight host Mark McLemore about recovering from tragedy, including discussing when self-care is an effective route to healing, and when it is not.

For all enrolled students, the Campus Health Center has counseling help available Monday through Friday at 1224 E. Lowell St., near the northwest corner of Highland & 6th Street, with no appointment required. For University employees and non-students who feel they would benefit from having some outside help, Dr. Binder recommends the University of Arizona's Life Work Connections.