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Bonnie Allin (left), president and CEO of the Tucson Airport Authority, with Sarah Vendsel (right), a 6th grade teacher at Southgate Academy

The end of the school year doesn't just mark a milestone for students. For many teachers, it marks the end of their first year in front of the class.

One "first-year" teacher with a reason to celebrate is Sarah Vendsel, a 6th grade teacher at Southgate Academy.

Working with young children has always seemed like a natural fit for Sarah. She began as a dance instructor and then decided to pursue a degree in elementary education from Northern Arizona University.

After graduating, Sarah learned just how difficult it can be to make the jump from being a student-teacher to "the" teacher.

On this week's Teachers' Voices, Sarah shares her story with her friend Bonnie Allin, the president and CEO of the Tucson Airport Authority.

Bonnie begins:

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