Way Out West is (L to R) Tom Poley, banjo, guitar and vocals; Emmy Creigh, guitar and vocals; and Slim Rost, bunkhouse bass and vocals

Way Out West's newest CD is "Saddle Sore Blues", on their own label, Blue Bhikku Records

The sun never really sets on the Old West, and the many styles of music that celebrate that mythic era continue to flow in the lifeblood of American music.

One local trio that is dedicated to honoring the traditions of Western music, while injecting it with a flair all their own, is Tucson's Way Out West. They've traveled the world as modern ambassadors of western swing, and they've discovered that cowboys and cowgirls have friends in the least likely of places.

Mark McLemore talked recently with the band's main singer, songwriter, guitarist and banjo player, Tom Poley, to find out about their new album Saddle Sore Blues, and about where Way Out West's cowboy roots spring from...