Frankie Rollins is a fiction writer and full time faculty member at Pima Community College where she teaches writing.

Her new book, The Sin Eater and Other Stories, published by Queen’s Ferry Press, is a collection of tales she says were compiled several years ago when she still lived in Pennsylvania.

“It’s taken me about 10 years to publish it,” says Rollins.

The stories in The Sin Eater are metaphorical accounts that provide the reader with a look into a world of unsettled human interactions.

“My characters are often in their 20s,” says Rollins. “I’m so fascinated with the fact that we make major life decisions when we’re in our 20s, but we don’t really have the knowledge or the wisdom to make them well.”

Rollins says her writing is based on “germs of personal experiences” that serve as a starting point for “modern fairy tales.” Indeed, each story is accessible through the seemingly quotidian nature of characters and situations but inevitably reveals an insightful exploration of emotions.

Read one story from The Sin Eater here:

The Boy, by Frankie Rollins: View at Google Docs | Download File