This winter harvest is the final step of a project that brought together students from Pueblo Magnet High School and residents of a small South Side community.

The garden occupies a lot that, until recently, was barren except for caliche and a few weeds.

"It's definitely a work in progress," said Saul Ostroff, a career counselor at Pueblo, and one of the people who helped coordinate the garden.

He said gardening is a new experience for many of the students, but working here has allowed them make connections with multiple generations from the community.

"During the year, we did 'salad days' here...with the students...after school...and our students pitched in and made sure that everyone got salad," Ostroff said. "And now, we're helping the seniors by giving them the bounty of the harvest."

The Pueblo garden saw the growth of garlic, onions, cilantro, broccoli and even some cauliflower, said Joey Caicedo, who became involved with the garden through the science club.

Many of these students started out with little or no experience gardening, but the project has allowed them to develop a bit of a green thumb.

The students say learning to cultivate a garden is fulfilling, and it's great to have all the vegetables to share.