Republican National Convention NPR Coverage

NPR will send more than 40 people to the Republican and Democratic Conventions in order to provide in-depth coverage for our newsmagazines. NPR also will produce a nightly special covering the key speeches and providing analysis of the day’s events. And, for the first time, the network will take its convention coverage on the road, sending correspondent David Greene from Obama’s hometown of Chicago to McCain’s hometown of Phoenix to find out what voters are talking about this election year.

NPR Election Call-in Special: September 4, 2008

On Thursday, September 4, Senator John McCain will officially become the Republican nominee for President. Immediately following NPR’s special coverage of his acceptance speech, NPR will air a talk show Call-In Special, hosted by NPR's Neal Conan. This will allow callers from around the country to express their views on the election and candidates.

Follow the coverage at NPR's Website.