Officials with the Coronado National Forest are expecting a busy week for holiday travel, and fire restrictions plus rainy weather may greet visitors to forest areas in the coming days.

The Coronado is in stage two fire restrictions, which means no fires or explosives, including all types of fireworks. Smoking is prohibited, as is firing a gun unless it’s during a lawful hunt, says Heidi Schewel, spokeswoman for the forest.

Cars can be operated only on developed campgrounds and roads.

“So really, it’s a lot about just using your head and anything that can start a fire potentially, don’t do it," she says.

Forecasters are expecting storms, and Schewel warns people to be prepared for changing conditions.

“Use your situational awareness, know what’s going on around you, and kind of have a plan of how you might react to different situations," she says.

Officials are expecting campground sites to fill up for the holiday and the remainder of the week. Some campgrounds require reservations, while others are first-come, first served.

To make a reservation or find out whether one is required, go online to or call 1-877-444-6777.