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This week, Arizona Spotlight explores gentrification, mobility and remembrance.

  • Each October, Arizona Public Media features stories about people affected by breast cancer. The stories include patients, family members, and friends whose lives have been touched by a diagnosis. That includes Kimberly Hicks and Veronica Robles who lost their close friend Brenda Loomis to breast cancer.

  • A group of artists is exploring the idea of mobility through a traveling performing art show. They began the show in Tucson, and Luis Carrión caught up with them before they left for other desert cities.

  • What does gentrification mean for Tucson? In an effort to answer that question, Amanda LeClaire hosted a roundtable discussion with Gary Pivo, a planning professor at the University of Arizona, Tucson City Councilwoman Regina Romero, and Dan Gibson, the editor of the Tucson Weekly.

Listen to the roundtable: