Arizona is considering another large-scale solar power plant.

A proposed project, called the Maricopa Solar Park, would produce 300 megawatts of solar electricity.

That’s enough to power about 150,000 homes.

The park would sit on 1,730 acres managed by the Bureau of Land Management.

Because the solar park plans to use public land, the BLM will hold meetings on Tuesday and Wednesday in the Phoenix area to gather information for their environmental impact statement.

“We don’t have any particular concerns, we’re just interested in what people have to say,” said BLM’s Dennis Godfrey. “People who know the area, use it for recreation or other things. We’re interested in what they have to say and what they know.”

If built, Maricopa County Solar Park would be the largest solar operation in the state, although larger plants are planned.

Currently, the Solana Generating Station produces the most sun-created power in Arizona.

It uses parabolic mirrors to heat liquid, and not the more-familiar photovoltaic cells that the Maricopa park plans to use.