This week on Arizona Spotlight with host Mark McLemore

The U.S. Census Bureau has determined Tucson to be the sixth poorest large city in America. In response, Arizona Public Media is presenting a week-long series of stories called "Getting By: Living Between the Poverty Lines", focusing on poverty and the many factors behind it. That coverage continues on this week's Arizona Spotlight.

  • Many advocates for veteran's rights say that those who have served their country shouldn't have to struggle to survive. The federal government has targeted Tucson as one city that can end homelessness among veterans by the year 2015, and Andrea Kelly reports on plans that are being considered to accomplish that goal.

  • Christopher Conover delves into the impact of state budget cuts on health care in rural Arizona, where gaining access to proper medical care remains a challenge.


  • A recent United States Supreme Court decision has legalized same-sex marriage in California. Tony Paniagua looks at a range of reactions to that decision here in Arizona.

  • And, Mark McLemore finds out how the Pima County Public Library is celebrating the popularity of Japanese comics among teens and young readers. The third annual "MangaMania!!" Convention offers these readers a sense of community, along with learning opportunities about Japanese art and culture.

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