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  • In the 1940s and 1950s, the original Buena Vista Social Club in Havana, Cuba became a celebrated source of Latin music. Today, many of the original Buena Vista musicians still perform together, and the tour will visit Tucson's Centennial Hall on September 14th. Fernanda Echavarri talks with veteran singer & guitarist Eliades Ochoa about his country's rich musical heritage, and how he earned his reputation as the "Cuban Johnny Cash."

  • Today, the popularity of Latin music reaches across the globe, including Norway. Mark McLemore talks with "world beat" singer and performer Solvei about how she first came to love Latin rhythms in her native country, and how she hand-picked her own band of Tucson musicians to play with whenever she visits Arizona.

  • Georgia Davis tells us about the Arizona Insect Festival, a gathering on the U of A campus that celebrates the amazing diversity and adaptability of insects from around the world.

  • And, hear a new edition of Arizona Spotlight's "Sound Fiction" series. Tucson author Jillian Cantor reads an excerpt from her new novel Margot that imagines a possible future for Anne Frank's sister if she had survived the Holocaust.

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