Coming up on this week's ARIZONA SPOTLIGHT with host Mark McLemore

  • Melissa Etheridge is famous for her heartfelt songwriting and her raw, soulful voice. She's bringing her own blend of rock, country, and folk to Centennial Hall on Saturday, September 7th, and Mark McLemore talks with Etheridge about her musical inspiration and her new career-spanning box set.

  • According to the Arizona Department of Health Services, car crashes are the number one cause of death for children in Arizona -- often due to the lack of proper car seats. Andrea Kelly reports on how the Department of Health Services is working with officials on both sides of the border to get car seats to families in Mexico.

  • When people think of Arizona's natural habitats, they usually imagine the rocky landscape of the Sonoran Desert, but our state is also home to some fertile grasslands. Tony Paniagua visits an area southeast of Tucson near Patagonia that is teeming with an amazing variety of plants and animals.

  • And, film writer Chris Dashiell looks back at the 1954 movie Salt of the Earth, inspired by the true story of a 1951 stand taken by Mexican-American miners against unsafe and unfair working conditions in New Mexico.

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