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Episode 274: Updating the status for water from the Colorado River

Apr 12, 2021 Demand for Colorado River water continues to exceed supply.

Episode 273: How the oceans play a part in Earth’s changing climate

Apr 2, 2021 Researchers are discovering more about the world’s oceans and their impact on temperature and water availability.

Episode 272: Tracking the origin of water on planet Earth

Mar 26, 2021 How water and organic molecules contributed to the beginnings of life on our planet.

Episode 271: COVID-19 and the sense of smell

Mar 19, 2021 People reporting COVID-19 symptoms often note they lose their sense of smell.

Episode 270: Reaching herd immunity to defeat COVID-19

Mar 14, 2021 Doctors are racing to achieve herd immunity to stop the coronavirus pandemic.

Episode 269: Studying the impact of COVID-19 related isolation

Mar 5, 2021 How COVID-19 affects our senses and changes the way we interact with society.

Episode 268: Trailblazing a future manned mission to Mars

Feb 26, 2021 NASA's Mars Perseverance rover will try to generate oxygen on the Red Planet for the first time.

Episode 267: Children and COVID-19

Feb 19, 2021 One of the unsolved mysteries about COVID-19 is why it has a lesser impact on children.

Episode 266: Imagining endgame scenarios for COVID-19

Feb 12, 2021 The evolution of COVID-19 and how it might join H-I-V and the flu as a controllable virus.

Episode 265: Assessing the danger posed by coronavirus variants

Feb 5, 2021 Viruses constantly mutate and circulate around the world, and COVID-19 is no exception

Episode 264: Answering questions about the COVID-19 vaccine

Jan 29, 2021 As COVID-19 vaccination programs gain momentum, people have questions about the vaccine.

Episode 263: COVID variants cause for concern as vaccines roll out

Jan 22, 2021 People are getting vaccinated against COVID-19 at the same time new COVID strains are emerging.

Episode 262: How to create a pattern for healthy eating

Jan 15, 2021 The American Cancer Society recently unveiled new lifestyle guidelines.

Episode 225: Facing the challenge of diagnosing speech disorders

Jan 8, 2021 A University of Arizona researcher is working on an issue critical for Arizona educators.

Episode 235: New ways to track history through radio-carbon dating

Dec 18, 2020 Collaborating to increase the precision of dating archeological artifacts.

Episode 261: The Arecibo Collapse: A Devastating Setback for Global Astronomy

Dec 11, 2020 A researcher remembers the telescope's importance to the scientific community and reflects on its legacy.

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