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Episode 107: The Widespread Effects of Tiny Aerosol Particles on Climate and Health

Nov 22, 2017 REPEAT. Of all environmental threats, particles are responsible for the most deaths globally.

Episode 106: Chasing Down an Asteroid

Nov 20, 2017 The OSIRIS-REx teams prepares for the spacecraft's arrival at Bennu in November 2018.

Episode 105: The UA Home of Millions of Insect Specimens

Nov 9, 2017 REPEAT. The UA insect collection is helping researchers understand more about our world.

Episode 104: Conquering Pain

Nov 3, 2017 New research into green light exposure is showing promising results for pain reversal

Episode 103: Arizona’s Role in the World-Wide Shrimp Industry

Oct 26, 2017 How a UA lab in the Arizona desert is changing the shrimp industry

Episode 102: The Detective Work Behind Authenticating a Stolen Artistic Masterpiece

Oct 19, 2017 Examining a stolen de Kooning masterpiece to determine its authenticity

Episode 101: Speaking, Reading and Writing – The Brain and Aphasia

Oct 12, 2017 Personalizing treatments for people who suffer from brain injuries

Episode 100: Is There a New Planet to be Discovered?

Oct 5, 2017 A massive planetary object may be lurking in the outer reaches of our solar system.

Episode 98: Beyond “Patient Zero”

Sep 21, 2017 Exploring the Origins of HIV / AIDS

Episode 97: Where’s Bennu?

Sep 14, 2017 Using Radio Telescopes to Locate Objects Millions of Miles Away

Episode 96: Measuring Ages and Histories of Rocks in the Earth’s Crust and Beyond

Sep 7, 2017 How quickly do mountains form and fall away?

Episode 95: The UA Home of Millions of Insect Specimens

Sep 1, 2017 The UA insect collection is helping researchers understand more about our world.

Episode 94: How Life Experiences Shape Brain Circuity

Aug 24, 2017 Why is it easier for children to learn new information than it is for adults?

Episode 93: Flood History of the West

Aug 17, 2017 New research suggests we've seriously underestimated the super-floods of the past.

Episode 92: Watching Molecules Perform their Functions

Aug 10, 2017 Using new techniques to watch enzyme proteins perform their functions.

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