As the federal government anticipates automatic budget cuts at the beginning of next year, there are plenty of suggestions on where to reduce spending.

Some argue alternative sources of energy deserve subsidies. Others say those subsidies should end and alternative energy should compete in the market without help from the government.

Ending all energy subsidies would be one way to start with the federal budget problem, says U.S. Sen. John McCain, R-Ariz.

“You know they’re talking about the tax breaks that oil and gas companies get? You know how they’re always complaining about that? Why not do away with all of them? Wind, solar, oil gas, whatever it is, do away with all of them and let them compete," he said in Tucson this week.

Closing some tax loopholes is a way to raise revenue without raising taxes, McCain said. He cited the example of ending tax credits for corporate jets.

He said the country should have three tax brackets and two tax credits — one for charitable donations and another for mortgage deductions.