The Pima County Regional Flood Control District is asking for the public's help in reporting problems with county drainage areas.

Flood Control is responsible for washes, rivers and publicly owned drainage, but sometimes problems with erosion or slow drainage crop up.

While the county tries to be proactive, says Chris Cawein, deputy director of the district, there can be problems it doesn't know about, and that's where the public is helpful.

"We have a lot of infrastructure all around the community so it’s hard after every single storm to monitor every little bit of infrastructure," he says.

When the county gets a call with a complaint, officials will visit the site, interview people if appropriate, and schedule time to fix the problem if it is on county land.

“After every storm event we take a look at what part of the area got hit and if it overlaps with one of those pieces of infrastructure that maybe don’t drain to well, or something like that then we will dispatch an inspector to go take a look at that.”

If a drainage problem is on private property, the county will address the issue with the property owner, issuing a notice of violation if necessary.

Ponding water or erosion can be a structural concern, but can also turn into a mosquito breeding site.

Mosquito prevention or eradication typically is the responsibility of the Pima County Health Department, but Cawein says if the problem is in a publicly-owned drainage system, the Flood Control District is responsible.

Additionally, even if a complaint is inappropriately filed with Flood Control, the county can send it to the appropriate government agency, Cawein says.

To report flooding issues in Pima County, call 243-1800.