By Cecelia Marshall
Arizona Public Media

The Pima County Department of Environmental Quality is offering tips for drivers to save money and reducing emissions during holiday road trips.

The department recommends checking tire pressure, because it can improve stopping distance and vehicle handling, says Beth Gorman, with the Pima County Department of Environmental Quality.

When filling up, people should stop when the pump clicks to avoid spills, ruin vehicle paint and cause overtaxing the car’s vapor collection system, Gorman says.

"Everybody wants to save gasoline, but I think everybody also wants to take good care of their car," she says.

Keeping to the speed limit can also decrease gas usage, she says.

Besides saving money and increasing safety on the roads, Gorman says, following these tips can also lead to cleaner air.

"Having healthier air to breathe I think is something we all want," Gorman says. "Especially since about 60 percent of our air pollution is caused by motor vehicle use, so whatever we can do to help reduce that pollution is going to help all of us."

More tips for saving money and gasoline while this holiday weekend are available online at