Think Tank helps students succeed at the University of Arizona

Good grades at the University of Arizona (UA) can't be achieved without critical thinking skills and good academic habits. One UA organization is helping students attain these, and other necessary skills.

"Our main focus is to help students succeed at the university," says Dorothy Briggs, director of Think Tank, a tutoring center for University of Arizona that specializes in writing, science and math tutoring. Many of the services provided are free.

Think Tank has been tutoring students in University of Arizona's Nugent building since 2008. Before long, Think Tank also found a place in the Park Student Union and the Campus Rec Center. These locations help students study at a place nearest to them.

Today you can find an additional location of Think Tank at Bear Down Gym along side Offices of Undergraduate Admissions, UA Scholarships Office and the College of Letters, Arts, and Sciences Academic Advising Center.

Think Tank's support doesn't stop with the students. “We provide support for faculty, help them with their course assignments and rubrics,” says Briggs.

Many students take advantage of the support that Think Tank provides. Michael Montgomery, one of the tutors, believes that some credit for the success of Think Tank may be owed to the laid back environment.

“We’ve removed that dichotomy between students and teachers," he explains,"and have allowed students to teach students.”

Think Tank is available for drop in tutoring, 30 minute writing appointments, online tutoring, academic skills tutoring and a lot more.

Producer: Alexandra Salazar | Videographer: Jon Dineyazhe | Editor: Lauren Bays

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