Drivers are paying more at the pump for the 5th consecutive week. AAA Arizona officials say the average statewide price for unleaded gasoline is $3.69 per gallon, which is almost a dime higher than last week. It's also $.40 higher than in early August. The average price in Tucson is $3.61.

AAA's Linda Gorman says the price is the most Arizona drivers have ever paid for gasoline in September. Part of this week's increase was attributed to Hurricane Isaac. Though the storm caused little damage, it did prompt the temporary closure of a number of oil production facilities in the Gulf of Mexico.

Prices have probably peaked and will start dropping, especially with the summer driving season ending. Gorman also points out that prices traditionally drop in the fall, when gas stations switch to their cheaper winter fuel blends.

This week's national average gas price is $3.82 per gallon, which is down less than a penny from last week.

Gas prices around Arizona:

Tucson: $3.61/gallon (up $.08 from last week)
Phoenix: $3.69/gallon (up $.10)
Flagstaff: $3.82/gallon (up $.09)
Yuma: $3.78/gallon (up $.11)
Prescott: $3.67/gallon (up $.09)
Scottsdale: $3.73/gallon (up $.11)