Oro Valley police officers are helping teachers overcome education funding cuts.

Kevin Mattocks, president of Fraternal Order of Police Lodge 53, says his lodge helps provide for schools in Oro Valley.

Through "Shop with the Teachers," the FOP funds nine Oro Valley schools.

"We yearly take in funds from our community and then we turn around and try to find the best way to give it back, and Shop with the Teachers is a way to help each one of our schools," says Mattocks.

By inviting teachers in Oro Valley on a paid-for shopping trip, the FOP gives schools an opportunity to purchase what is needed most for their children.

When given the FOP's invitation, teachers at Wilson K-8 School decided to put the money toward playground equipment.

"They're always cutting our money expecting us to do more," says Charlotte smith, an educational assistant at Wilson. "So, when they cut the money, we are very fortunate to have Oro Valley that supports us with their man power as well as supporting us financially, so we're just happy to have them."