Many people like the aesthetic or environmental benefits of trees, but landscape architect Katie Gannon says they can also be good for your financial bottom line.

Gannon is the director of the Trees for Tucson program under Tucson Clean and Beautiful.

Since its inception in 1989, the program has distributed tens of thousands of low-cost shade trees to customers of Tucson Electric Power Company and Trico Electric Cooperative.

Under the program, participants are asked to plant the native or desert-adapted trees on the east, south or west-facing parts of their homes.

If placed within 15 feet of the structure, Gannon says participants should be able to experience noticeable savings in their energy bills.

Gannon says the trees offer other benefits too, such as providing homes and cover for wildlife, cleaning our air and encouraging people to spend more time outside, which can lead to more exercise and healthier lifestyles.