Tucson's indigenous music scene has a long and diverse history, now beiong memorialized in the Tucson Musicians Museum

Susan French, a founding board member of the museum, says she and her colleagues are dedicated to preserving this unique cultural legacy for future generations.

"Our objective is to celebrate and commemorate musicians who have contributed to Tucson's musical culture for at least 25 years. We are also launching a "musician's emergency fund" in the next year," French says.

In 2006, French collaborated with George Howard to share his photographs of area musicians. From that, they founded the museum with the intention of spreading the sound of Tucson.

The museum represents all genres of music as chosen by the leaders of the genres in the Tucson music scene.

"I'd just like people to see and learn about the great wealth of musicians we have in Tucson," French says.

The museum's Music Mentorship Program allows young musicians who have difficulties or are in need of something to stimulate them.

"Music is one of the best things in the world for people development," says Dennis Bourret, youth mentorship co-director and co-founder and director of Tucson Junior String. "We're not trying to produce professional musicians; what we're trying to do is give them a skill ... that they can use as a base to build other skills on,"

The museum is hosting its sixth annual fund raiser on Sunday from 4 p.m. to 7 p.m. at the Tucson Convention Center's Leo Rich Theater

Brothers Brian Bromberg and David Bromberg will perform at the event, which will also include a Hall of Fame induction ceremony for the Brombergs and 11 other local musicians.

The 2012 inductees, and their musical genres, are Brian Bromberg, jazz; David Bromberg, jazz; Black Man Clay Adams, world beat; Domingo DeGrazia, flamenco; Sidney George, blues/zydeco; Bobby Kimmel, rock; Rosemary Koshmider, country; Amos Lewis, gospel; David Rife, classical; Carlos Saldivar, mariachi; Ned Sutton, country rock.

In addition, Howard Bromberg and Norm Sholin will be inducted into the Hall of Fame posthumously.