All five of the Pima County corrections officers who are facing charges for their alleged involvement in a fist fight earlier this month have been fired from the Pima County Jail.

Pima County Sheriff Clarence Dupnik dismissed two of the five who were arrested last week after they were allegedly involved in a fight outside a Tucson bar. Those two corrections officers at the Pima County Jail were on probation at the time, so they were not entitled to an investigation, Dupnik said.

The three others, also arrested last week, went through the internal investigation and Dupnik fired them Thursday. There were 11 other jail employees involved in the alleged incident, and their discipline process is ongoing, he said. He is waiting for the complete police reports from the incident.

“But we know that some of the behavior, even those they weren’t involved in the fight, was not only not acceptable was kind of reprehensible, and we’ll be dealing with those issues later on.”

Dupnik called the fight an aberration and says it’s not indicative of those who work in the Pima County Sheriff’s Department or the county jail.