The Arizona Department of Environmental Quality is hosting a meeting Monday night on its proposed air quality permit for Rosemont Copper Company.

The Department of Environmental Quality is proposing to approve an air quality permit for Rosemont Copper Company.

A three-month public comment period is underway on the proposed permit, and public comments are an important part of the states' process, said Eric Massey, the state's air quality deputy director.

“ADEQ will propose approval of a permit but we need the public input and so no final decision has been made, we are very interested in public feedback,” Massey said, in an interview when the public comment period began in August.

The meeting at 6 p.m. at Sycamore Elementary School in Vail is one of many government reviews of the Rosemont mining proposal, he said.

“The Environmental Impact Statement process that’s being run by the National Forest Service is still pending. We expect conclusion of that sometime before the end of this year. And then there’s also an Army Corps of Engineers, so we’re not the last stop in terms of permits the facility needs in order to operate," he said.

The Monday meeting format is a Q and A session for discussion about air quality topics related to the proposed mine.

Another, more formal public hearing is scheduled at the same location on Oct. 9. The state Department of Environmental Quality will also accept comments via email until the end of October. Information is available on the ADEQ website.