The deadline to register to vote in November is coming up in about a week.

Shortly after the Oct. 9 deadline to register, early ballots go out in the mail and voting begins.

Before then, prospective voters can get a registration form from one of many civic organizations, or at the recorder's offices in each Arizona county, including Pima, Cochise, Santa Cruz and Pinal.

Printable forms are posted on the Arizona Secretary of State's website, or voters can complete the entire registration process online.

Arizona set the pace for that type of registration, said Secretary of State Ken Bennett.

“We were the first state in the nation to have online voter registration, which can be done if you have an Arizona driver’s license and have proved citizenship to the motor vehicle department, then all of that can kind of roll over to register to vote online," Bennett says.

He says he wants to make sure active military members are registered to vote. Some may not realize they can vote even when they are stationed overseas.

“We have a process for them to vote online through emails and download a ballot and vote that ballot and load it back to the county recorder through a secure upload over the Internet," Bennett said. "No one else really gets to do that."