A teddy bear may seem like a simple gift, but it can be a source of great comfort for children who have been through a traumatic experience.

The 7th Annual High Tea, a fundraiser sponsored by the Professional Association of Women's Services (PAWS), celebrates the power of the teddy bear. Its proceeds go to purchasing teddy bears and other comforting objects that children in crisis may need.

"We give the bears to approximately 20 agencies within the Tucson area--law enforcement, emergency rooms, child welfare agencies, even the local school districts," says Karen Heider, co-chair of the PAWS High Tea.

The teddy bears then find their way to children in crisis: those who have lost a loved one, been removed from their home or are ill.

The event will be held Sunday, October 7 at 1 p.m. at the Tucson Country Club. It is open to all ages with a reserved ticket purchased for $45 by calling (520) 400-4129.

The benefit will include snacks and tea along with a fashion show and raffle, followed by guest speaker Kathy Rau, executive director of the Southern Arizona Children's Advocacy Center, who will speak on "The Power of the Teddy Bear."