The Occupy movement made headlines around the world in 2011, before moving out of sight and out of mind for millions in recent months. But many local supporters remain committed to the Occupy cause.

In southern Arizona, Occupy Tucson maintains an office at the Historic Y north of downtown Tucson while gathering each Wednesday night at Armory Park to hold meetings they call "General Assemblies."

Twenty-three-year-old Mark Danielson says the movement is still important and a strong force in his life.

"I've been to Occupy San Diego, Occupy LA, Occupy Chicago, Occupy Memphis, Occupy Wall Street, just to let everybody know the movement isn't dead. I've been all across the country and it's just as much happening right now as it was a year ago," Danielson says.

He and others are still worried about health care, bailouts for corporations, energy policies, U.S. involvement overseas, and protecting the environment. Their concerns haven't faded over the last 12 months.

"It's crazy, it's suicide what we're doing and the earth is sacred," says Susan Foster, another Occupy supporter.

Occupy Tucson is getting ready to celebrate its first anniversary on the weekend of October 13th and 14th.