People who move to Arizona's Sonoran Desert from states like Illinois, New York or Michigan may find themselves in a pickle when they try to grow a garden.

That's what happened to retiree Joyce Knill, who made her way to Arizona because she wanted more sunshine and warm weather than she was getting in Minnesota.

Although she was an avid and successful gardener in the Midwest, she says she faced a totally new experience in the Southwest.

However, ever since she took a master gardener class from the University of Arizona Cooperative Extension, she's become much more familiar with the desert's plants, climate and other essentials to be a more successful gardener.

Now she is helping to put together the 15th annual Pima County Master Gardener Home Garden Tour.

It's being held on Saturday, October 13 from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. It includes four different gardens created by graduates of the program and will focus on container gardening, fruit trees, vegetables and irrigation.

"We'll be talking about site selection, irrigation, composting, insects, everything," Knill says.

She says the course and training are great ways for people to develop and continue their passion for gardening in the Sonoran Desert.