Houston Grand Opera broadcasts continue on Classical 90.5 at noon this Saturday, November 17th, with a performance of The Rape of Lucretia by Benjamin Britten. Ronald Duncan based his English libretto on André Obey's play Le Viol de Lucrèce. The performance will run approximately one hour and 56 minutes. Rory Macdonald conducts.

The writings of historians Livy and Dionysius of Halicarnassus tell the story of Lucretia, a Roman officer's wife whose very purity inflamed the lust of Prince Tarquinius of Rome and whose rape incited the overthrow of the Roman monarchy. In Britten's opera, Tarquinius comes to Lucretia's home while her husband is away in the army camp, asks for lodging, and violently attacks her during the night. Unable to bear her shame, Lucretia kills herself.

Male Chorus: Anthony Dean Griffey
Female Chorus: Leah Crocetto
Collatinus: Ryan McKinny
Junius: Joshua Hopkins
Tarquinius: Jacques Imbrailo
Lucretia: Michelle DeYoung
Bianca: Judith Forst
Lucia: Lauren Snouffer