A Tucson city councilman is pushing for a state tax incentive to draw the film industry to Arizona.

Steve Kozachik says such a bill could include a tax break for film production companies if they spend at least $250,000 working in Arizona.

His proposal would cap the incentive at no more than $70 million, which Kozachik says would help the economy.

“Plain and simple, it’s a jobs bill. And it is not a giveaway: you have to come into the state and spend a quarter of a million dollars before you get anything back," Kozachik says.

Filmmakers once flocked to use Arizona as a shooting location, he says, and the state is losing money to other states that do have incentives to draw the film industry.

“And this isn’t just major motion pictures; this is TV episodes, it’s advertising," Kozachik says. "For instance, the state of Utah just recognized that they yielded $33 million into their local economy last year through use of an incentive very similar to the one that I’m proposing the state Legislature get behind.”

Even spending money on an incentive, Kozachik says, the state would make money on all the other services the film companies require and pay for when they work in the state.