Preparations are in full swing for this weekend’s Tucson Meet Yourself, three days of cultural immersion with food, entertainment and big crowds of Tucsonans.

The event has become one of the largest heritage festivals in the country, says production director Mia Hansen.

“I can tell you we have 1,160 feet of pedestrian railing because I counted it last night,” Hansen says. The railing, she points out, will help delineate the six acres and six city-blocks upon which the temporary “mini-village” is being erected.

“There are tents, electricity, all the vendor booths, everything that goes into creating this great giant festival layout, which is centered in the heart of downtown Tucson,” she says.

Hansen says more than 65 food vendors are scheduled at this years event, and she’s happy to hear the latest weather predictions that indicate highs in the 70’s.

“It’s great to come out and walk around,” she says. “It’s the best way to work off all that great food.”