Residents of the unincorporated community of Vail, on Tucson's southeastern edge, have spent years considering the future of their governance, including whether they should create a new town.

After many public meetings and informal surveys among Vail area residents, the most popular option has been incorporation.

The Vail Community Action Board will meet Oct. 29 to delve into the feasibility of creating a new town, said George Mower, one of the Vail residents who has been involved in the process.

“We’ve been looking at: Is this really viable? So that’s the question we’re answering, is this viable for our community?” Mower said.

After the community seemed to favor incorporation, Mower said a group of Vail Community Action Board members spent time talking with Sahuarita’s town manager and officials with Pima County, Tucson and the League of Cities and Towns to find out all the factors involved in becoming a new town.

The meeting Monday is meant for the group to present information about incorporation, though Mower said those who attend might make a decision about what’s next.

There are other options for the future of Vail, including staying unincorporated and considering annexation into the city of Tucson.

Another option is something less structured than incorporating into a new government, such as creating an infrastructure improvement district that could tax residents for specifics, such as road repair, without the overhead of a city or town government.

Proposed Vail Incorporation Boundaries: View at Google Docs | Download File