"Seventy-fivish" percent of Arizona's 3.1 million registered voters will cast ballots by Election Day next Tuesday, Secretary of State Ken Bennett predicts.

Bennett said in an interview for Arizona Illustrated that turnout may not quite match the 2008 total of 78 percent, because of that election's historic nature.

"I think we will have a good turnout in Arizona," Bennett said. "I don't know that we will quite reach what were almost record levels four years ago when we had an Arizona U.S. senator, John McCain, on the top of the Republican ticket and the excitement related to President Obama's candidacy."

He also said that early voting will continue to rise, "maybe approaching 70 percent" in this election. In 2010, an election for statewide offices, U.S. Congress and the legislature, early voting accounted for just short of two-thirds of all ballots cast, Bennett said.

While he said early voting hasn't eliminated Election Day -- "a third of the voters still like to go to the polls" -- it has created an "election period" that is changing how campaigns are conducted.

"It's really created a new challenge for candidates to try to contact voters much earlier than they used to have to," he said.