Twelve of Arizona's 15 counties are working their way through 602,334 early and provisional ballots still be be verified and counted in the wake of Tuesday's general election, the Secretary of State's office reports.

Cochise, Mohave and Yavapai counties didn't report their early and provisional ballot numbers to the Secretary of State's office. Maricopa County has the most uncounted early ballots, 344,000, and Pima the next most, 54,541.

Pima County Recorder F. Ann Rodriguez on Wednesday morning reported 40,000 uncounted early ballots and later revised the number down to about 31,000. There was no explanation for the discrepancy between her numbers and the state's.

Under state law, the counties must complete work on the ballots in 10 days, meaning Nov. 16, according to the Secretary of State's office. A state canvass to make official the election results is scheduled for Dec. 3.

Uncounted early ballots, which totaled nearly 440,000 in the 12 counties, are those that were turned in at polling places on Election Day. Signatures on their envelopes need to be confirmed in county recorders' offices before they are counted.

Provisional ballots, which totaled 162,000 in the 12 counties, are those for which voters did not have proper identification, voted in the wrong polling places or other discrepancies not matching available records. At least some f those votes will be eliminated based on election laws.

There were 115,000 provisional ballots to be checked in Maricopa County and 26,194 in Pima County, the Secretary of State's office reported.