The first fall storm is headed our way from the Gulf of Alaska. The system will mark a drastic change in the weather over the next 48 hours. After highs in the mid 80s earlier this week, temperatures will top out at near 60 Saturday and the upper 50s Sunday.

J.J. Brost, a forecaster with the National Weather Service in Tucson, says it will be coldest weather in Tucson since mid-March.

Tucson could get some scattered showers, and an inch or two of snow is possible on Mt. Lemmon and on other area mountaintops. It will be breezy, too, with some gusts possibly reaching 30 miles per hour.

While not a winter storm, Brost says it is the first autumnal system. A storm of similar power one month from now would probably result in sub-freezing temperatures in the city and maybe snow flurries in the foothills.

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