Kate Kenski, award-winning author and associate professor at the University of Arizona

The election is over, but the analysis continues.

Kate Kenski is an associate professor in the Department of Communication and the School of Government and Public Policy at the University of Arizona. She is also the author of the award winning book, The Obama Victory: How Media, Money, and Message Shaped the 2008 Election.

“Political communication is basically the study of the creation, dissemination and representation of political messages,” says Kenski. The study, she explains, addresses such questions as, "Where do those ideas come from?" and, "How are these ideas conveyed?”

Kenski credits her interest in politics to the influence of her parents, who are both political scientists and political consultants. “Back in the day before computers were not readily available," she says, "I spent a good part of the time with public opinion data, filling in little bubbles in sheets."

Kenski is the author of many books about campaign methods, and her most recent work was selected to receive the International Communication Associations Outstanding Book Award in 2011.

In this segment of UA+, Kenski explains the importance of political communication in an election, and the role it plays in our lives.

Producer: Alexandra Salazar | Videographers: Jay Blain, Heather Wodrich | Editor: Lauren Bays

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