People who lost their homes to foreclosure in 2009 and 2010 may be eligible for compensation if they also suffered financial injury, Pima County officials say.

The Pima County Housing Center is advising foreclosed-upon homeowners to file requests for review by Dec. 31, said Betty Villegas, a housing program manager with the county.

TResidents to call the Independent Foreclosure Review Hotline at 1 888 952-9105, go to the Federal Reserve Board's website,, or the county Housing Center, (520) 624-2947, or 801 W. Congress St. The county's HUD-approved counseling service, Don't Borrow Trouble, is also a resource for review requests.

"The Independent Foreclosure Review will determine whether individual homeowners suffered financial injury and may receive compensation or other remedy due to errors or other problems they encountered while going through the home foreclosure process with their lender," the county said in a news release.

People who qualify could receive between $500 and thousands of dollars, Villegas said. Eligible people suffered financially because of errors in the foreclosure process.

“These are the type of people that we would see on a daily basis after the fact and they've already lost their homes or they didn't even realize that there was a trustee notice that had been filed because they were working with their lenders," Villegas said.

In addition to payments, those found to have been harmed may be compensated through loan modification, correction of their credit reports or other records, or a suspension or reversal of foreclosure.

"Anyone that was foreclosed on and felt that they were not treated fairly during that process where they were trying to save their home should definitely go the website or call us to find out if they're qualified for this compensation," Villegas said.