The 3000 Club is a partnership of volunteers, local businesses, and non-profit agencies that work together to fight hunger and provide for those in need.

Since 2010, its Market on the Move project, or MOM, has been "rescuing" and redistributing unwanted or discarded produce to help feed local communities. It continues to grow, with over 17 locations in Tucson that provide three to four markets every Saturday, and markets in the Phoenix area as well.

"We are booked all the way through June," says Ester Havey, a member of the 3000 Club board. "I think people want to particpate because they see the need people have for buying produce at a cheaper price and also encouraging the community to become healthier in what they eat."

Starting December 29, Tucson Medical Center will join the many churches and schools already participating in MOM.

"It is different from a farmers market," says Havey. "Rather than paying for individual produce, we are taking a donation of $10 that will provide the person or group with 60 pounds of produce, which in turn helps us to continue to reclaim produce that would otherwise end up in a compost pile."

With the help of other local agencies like the Borderlands Food Bank--which inspired the 3000 Club's formation--the 3000 Club hopes to eventually begin to expand MOM by dehydrating food, to give the rescued food a longer shelf life and broader reach.