Deitrich Dianne Benjamin is in her 60s but she has the body of a very healthy woman who could be decades younger, thanks to her commitment to proper nutrition, exercise and competition.

Benjamin has participated in body-building, fitness and figure events around the country, collecting many trophies and other honors to illustrate her success.

Benjamin says much of her satisfaction comes from being in shape, increasing her self-confidence and helping others attain their goals.

Benjamin owns her own company, Stand Firm Personal Training where she works with clients like Treth Sanchez.

Sanchez is a busy mother of two who also runs a business with her husband. She has been inspired by Benjamin to get in shape and enter competitions.

Both recommend starting with realistic goals such as short walks or stretching exercises that can be increased gradually.

And while sophisticated equipment and gym memberships are very helpful for some people, those aren't necessary.

Sanchez says sit-ups, push-ups, walking and exercises that incorporate a chair can be fun, free and easy as long as one gets started and stays on track.

One of the most common new year's resolutions is attainable, they say, with the proper planning and expectations, exercise and execution.