Ground has been broken and work begun at the state Capitol in Phoenix for "Salute the Fallen," a memorial to Arizona's World War II veterans.

The memorial will feature a 14-inch gun from the USS Arizona and a 16-inch gun from the USS MIssouri. It also will feature a steel structure resembling a ship's hull that will bear the names of an estimated 2,000 Arizonans who died in the war.

The battleship Arizona was sunk at Pearl Harbor, an act that pulled the United States into the war, and the Missouri was the ship on which the Japanese offered their surrender in Tokyo Bay on Sept. 2, 1945, ending the war.

"The memorial out in Wesley Bolin Plaza is going to be a very somber affair, as an homage to the fallen," Assistant Secretary of State Jim Drake said.

Drake said work is expected to take one year, with dedication ceremonies planned for Dec. 7, 2013. The project's total cost is $500,000, with much of the work and materials donated and the rest raised privately.