The holidays offer family togetherness, great foods and -- more often than the average person might think -- problems from poisoning.

So say the experts at the Arizona Poison and Drug Information Center. Common threats at holiday time include prescription medicines, batteries and even magnets that can be found inside toys when they become loose.

Keith Bosen, managing director of the center, one of two such facilities in the state, says children can be attracted by the magnets and sometimes ingest them.

"The concern with these is that if these magnets are powerful enough to separate inside the body and then come back together, they'll actually pinch the tissue off inside of the intestines somewhere and cause basically tissue death and pretty significant complications as a result of that," Bosen says.

Liz Barta, a poison education specialist at the facility, says there's a common misconception that poinsettias are poisonous even though they can irritate the mouth or other parts of the body.

"But holly and mistletoe berries, yes, definitely," Barta says. "They are poisonous or toxic and also choking hazards."