House Bill 2148 deals with state arranged adoptions. The proposal gives preference to married couples in adoptions over singles hoping to adopt a child. Opponents say research shows singles do just as a good a job in parenting as couples do, but backers say children do better in a two-parent home. They also say some singles will still get preference when it comes to adoption. The proposal is sponsored by 23 members of the legislature including local members Representative Frank Antenori (R), Representative David Gowan (R), and Senator Al Melvin (R).

On February 23, 2010 the full House approved the bill on a 35-22 vote.

Pima County House Delegation Vote:

  • Frank Antenori (R) – Yes
  • David Bradley (D) – Did Not Vote
  • Olivia Cajero Bedford (D) – No
  • Steve Farley (D) – No
  • David Gowan (R) – Yes
  • Matt Heinz (D) – No
  • Phil Lopes (D) – No
  • Daniel Patterson (D) – No
  • Vic Williams (R) – Yes
  • Nancy Young Wright (D) – No

Full House Vote on HB 2148