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  • The 2nd. annual Out in the Desert Film Festival is happening January 23rd - 27th in Tucson, showcasing LGBT (lesbian / gay / bisexual / transsexual) movies from around the world. Luis Carrion takes a closer look at how the latest advances in film technology are making it possible for the festival to include a wider range of voices than ever before.

  • "Public Enemy Number One" John Dillinger inadvertently helped to make history in Tucson back in 1934, and Hollywood has revisited the gangster's story many times since. Film writer Chris Dashiell looks back at three different Dillinger-inspired films from three different eras to see how fact has been transformed by fiction.

  • Teachers' Voices gives University High School senior Amanda McCarley a chance to interview her history teacher, Dr. John Hosmer (HOS-mer), and ask him to reflect on over 25 years of being an educator.

  • And, listen to the first in a series of radio stories written and produced by some of Tucson's newest residents, a group of students at Catalina High School who are all international refugees.

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